Brush Pick Up

Brush pick up in the Village is the second and fourth TBrush Pick Up Pictureuesday of each month. You must call the Village Office at (608) 798-3241, ext 102 or email to get your address on the list. 

Brush is defined as any woody type material with a diameter of lead in a lead pencil or larger. Brush should be placed near the curb away from mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs or poles that are near the street. If you have a brush pile placed near the curb, do not park a vehicle on the street near the pile. Brush should be stacked neatly with the cut-ends closest to the curb. Brush with roots attached to them will not be picked up (roots cause damage to the wood chipper). Please cut off and dispose of roots that might be attached to your brush. 

Please remember that the Village does not pick up leaves, grass clippings or garden/yard waste. These items can be disposed of at the Village compost site located on the west side of the Village Public Works building located at 1225 Bourbon Rd.