Cross Plains After School Club

Our Program

The Cross Plains Parks and Recreation Department's After School Club provides a supervised recreational outlet for children in grades Kindergarten through 4th grade at Park Elementary School. Children will participate in a variety of engaging activities during their time with us. Activities include crafts, games and sports, air hockey, foosball ping pong, quiet reading time as well as having the opportunity for a quiet space for homework or passive activities. The Club will also walk to Glacial Valley Park when the weather permits.

Our program follows the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Calendar. We will also offer camp on days off of school and a Winter Break and Spring Break Camp. 

The program is available as a 5-day care option or a 3-day care option. If you chose the 3-day option, you have the opportunity to choose which three days your child(ren) will be coming to us. The days can vary from month to month, but we require a schedule sent to us a week before the next month starts, stating the days we should be expecting your child.


The program is held at The Club located at:

1841 Bourbon Rd.

Cross Plains, WI 53528


Monday-Friday: From school let out until 5:30PM.

Bus service will be available from Park Elementary School. 


This is a first come first served program! Registration for the 2023/24 school year will begin August 2, 2023. If you are interested in joining our After School Club, please email the Recreation Coordinator, Jill Heczko at

The first month's payment is due at registration. Once a child is registered, our parent handbook, bus information sheet and child information sheet will be emailed you to be filled out and returned to us. Bus information sheets need to be completed a month before school starts so we can communicate those to the bus company. Payment for each month will be due a week before the month starts.

  1. Jill Heczko

    Recreation Coordinator - After School/Full Day Camp

Pricing 2023/24 - 3-day Option

Month Cost
September $216
October $216
November $224
December $180
January $224
February $224
March $160
April $224
May $240
June $48

Pricing 2023/24 - 5-day Option

Month Cost
September $270
October $285
November $270
December $240
January $270
February $285
March $224
April $300
May $315
June $60