Leaf Pick-up

*The Fall of 2023 will bring Village-wide curbside leaf pick-up for the first time. Please be patient with Village Staff as we navigate this new program.*

Leaf pick-up will be scheduled for three dates this Fall (2023). Village Staff will start with one side of the Village and work their way to the other side. Please be aware that leaf pick-up for that week, will depend on the volume of leaves to be picked up as well as the weather. (For example, if you put your leaves out on October 9th and there is a project that Public Works has scheduled for the 10th, leaves may be picked up on the 9th and the 11th. The date is a guideline of when they will be picking up.) You can still drop off leaves at the Public Facilities building any time. They are located at 1225 Bourbon Rd. Once they have gone through the Village, they will not be going back until the next scheduled date.

Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

October 9th - Starting on the west side of the Village

October 23rd - Starting on the east side of the Village

November 6th - Starting on the west side of the Village

During these three leaf pick-up times, brush pick-up will be modified. There will only be one brush pick-up for both October and November. October 10th & November 28th.

Reminders About Leaf Pick-Up


  • Leaves only! No grass clippings or other yard waste. These items must be dropped off at the Public Facilities building at 1225 Bourbon Rd.
  • Rake leaves to the curb, NOT in the street.


  • Do not park a vehicle or trailer in front of your leaf pile, or a neighbors leaf pile. We will not be able to pick-up if there is a vehicle in front of your pile.
  • Do not leave grass clippings, branches or other yard waste in the pile. These items must be disposed of at the Public Facilities building at 1225 Bourbon Rd.
  • Do not bag your leaves.
  • Do not have your leaves in the roadways! When leaves are in the roadways, they clog storm drains and cause flooding during storms. They also pollute our creek.

If you have questions, please call the Village Office at 608-798-3241.