The Finance Director//Clerk is responsible for the powers and duties of the Village Clerk as defined by State Statute, Village Ordinance, and the position Job Description. 


A general description regarding some of the duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Shall direct the operation of the general office at the Village Hall. All full-time and part-time clerical help shall be directly responsible to him/her.
  • Shall attend all meetings of the Village Board and Committees, as the Village President and Village Board directs.
  • Shall be responsible for preparation of the agenda and order of business for all Village Board and Committee meetings. Nothing contained in this section shall be so construed as to give the Administrator authority to limit or in any way prevent matters from being considered by the Village Board or Committees.
  • Shall perform duties set forth in Chapters 61.25 of the Wisconsin State Statutes and Chapter 1 of the Village Code of Ordinances as they pertain to Village Clerk.

Please note the following information related to services provided by the Village Clerk: