Boards & Commissions

There are several boards, commissions, and committees that exist in the Village of Cross Plains either by requirement through Wisconsin Statutes or by design as enacted by the Village Board. The Village Board is the main decision maker for the Village, but does have several other commissions and committees that are used to assist the board in its governance of various issues.

Special Commissions & Committees

The Village President, may, from time-to-time, and, subject to the approval of the Village Board, appoint such Special Commissions and Committees as is deemed advisable to further the legitimate business of the Village. The appointment of a Special Commission or Committee shall state the number of members and the object of duties to be performed by the Special Commission or Committee. 

All Special Commissioner Committees shall cease to exist upon completion of this designated task or deadline established by the Village Board. Please note the following Special Commissions and Committees:

  • Sustainability Committee

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